Family Owned & Operated

Tom’s Family Car Wash lives up to its name and is owned and run by Tom Stich with the help of his brother, Mark Stich. They strive to create a place where customers can expect unparalleled customer service, great products and services, and overall a very family-like atmosphere. When our customers leave we want them to feel valued and looking forward to their next visit. If you happen to see either Tom or Mark around the car wash, be sure to stop and say hello!

Full Service Food Mart

At Tom’s Family Car Wash, we are proud to be able to serve the Arizona community. We provide more than just a great car wash, detailing, or maintenance. We also have a full-service food mart complete with coffee, a grill, cold drinks, tobacco products, snacks, and more! Our staff want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your time while waiting for your car to be finished or while filling up your gas tank!

Quality & Expert Service

Whether you need an oil change, a detail, or wash, we’ve got you covered with our top quality service. All of our technicians are expertly trained. They know how to take care of your car and keep it operating in peak condition. If you ever have any concerns, be sure to bring them to us. We will be happy to fix any issues you may have.

Tom’s Family Car Wash provides a full gift shop filled with car accessories, cards, gifts, and even complimentary coffee and donuts! Visit us today!